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  • Authentic Happiness

    Authentic Happiness is a site for the Positive Psychology Center at the Unniversoty of Pennsylvania. The site currently has over 1,930,000 registered users and is avialble in 7 different languages. It offers news and information about the field of Positive Psychology as well as over 20 free scientific questionnaires. The site is contained in an Ektron CMS system which allows for the client to easily make updates and add other languages.
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  • Health + Healing Network

    H+H is creating a multi-platform service, providing integrative medicine/holistic health programming, as well as access to related products and services covering a wide spectrum of medical areas. A primary platform for delivering H+H is video-on-demand (VOD) distribution available over cable television. H+H uses broadcast television via selected cable and public television channels, which provide penetration into major markets in the U.S.
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  • D.L. Wilson

    D.L. Wilson is the author of the bestselling thriller, UNHOLY GRAIL, by Berkley Books which has been translated into 8 foreign languages and is getting international rave reviews. Check out his latest thriller, SIROCCO, by Mont Clair Press. Updated the site content and made changes to the layout and menu.
    Click here to visit the D.L. Wilson's site

  • happier.com

    We started happier.com in late 2008, with just a couple of tests and happiness-building exercises developed by Dr. Martin Seligman. After emailing friends and family to get feedback, we started to see rapid growth, leading to nearly 30,000 users as of July, 2009. User feedback led us to broaden our roster of consulting experts and triple the number of tests and exercises offered, grouped into happiness plans. As we grow, we continue to depend on the feedback of our users and the guidance of our expert consultants.

  • Reflective Learning

    Reflective Learning specialized in flash based learning programs on a variety of topics including Coaching, Postiive Psychology, Training for US Marines, etc. One example is Resilience OnLine: ResilienceOnline™ is an interactive experience that is personalized to empower you to take control over life’s challenges and adversities. You are taught how to apply the 7 Skills of Resilience to help you overcome obstacles, steer through day-to-day adversities, bounce back from major setbacks, and reach out to achieve all of which you are capable. The tested results have helped thousands of people increase their happiness, productivity, success, and balance in their lives.
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  • WHYY

    I worked on several freelance projects for WHYY Televsion and Radio in Philadelphia. One of the projects Presidential Conversations on the Constitution included video editing and conversion to flash video that could be delivered via the web.
    Click here to visit WHYY 2004 Annual Report
    Click here to visit WHYY Presidential Conversations on the Constitution
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  • Corporate Technology Ventures (CTV)

    The majority of work at CTV was converting medical text books to cd-rom versions. I worked on several projects for the Lippincott Medical Publisher. However, there were many other projects including the one pictured here which was a conversion from a print magazine to the web for the publication Alternative Medicine.